Wednesday, 12 August 2015

DIY Scarf to Kimono

DIY Scarf to Kimono

A couple of years ago, I received a gorgeous pashmina as a gift from a friend who had visited Vietnam. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to wear a pashmina - do I drape it over my head? Wrap it over my shoulders? Wear it like a towel around my body? This thing was bigger than any scarf I had ever owned, and I was truly stumped with ideas. Well, to the back of the closet you go!

This year, however, I began to see lots of kimonos around - and I absolutely love the trend! It's a nice change from all the snug fits we've had from past seasons, and can I just say I've got my summer outfits covered? Simply slip on a dress and a kimono and bam - you'll be the most stylish girl in town.

Here's a quick DIY (complete with terrible drawings!) on how to turn a scarf into a kimono. The only requirement is that your scarf is wide enough to span your body, and long enough to reach your hips. My scarf was extra long, and I wanted to keep the fringe intact, so I cut my sleeves from the top.


1. Fold your scarf in half lengthwise and lay it flat. Cut off the top section wide enough to loosely fit your arms.

2. Pin it together, try it on and decide where to cut. Cut along the dotted lines as shown in the diagram. On the body, cut in a straight line up the centre of the front layer only. This will be the opening for your kimono.

3. Sew it together, and hem any frayed edges.

Now go and enjoy your kimono!