Friday, 27 February 2015

Funny/Interesting/Awesome (28/2/15)

Howdy, y'all! Ready for the weekend?

1. Here are some great tips for taking photos of your house if you ever want to give your parents a virtual tour of your new place, and impress them at the same time.

2. Feeling a bit bored of the music in your playlist? Here's a site that generates new bands you might like, based on your 3 favourite bands.

3. This is awesome! Type a word or phrase into the box and see it in every font you have on your computer - great for deciding which font to use in your blog logo!

4. This guy makes all sorts of wonderful animations and simulations using a bit of code - it's amazing how much fun it is to watch!

5. Even if you have absolutely no idea how to draw a tree, you can create some magic with this neon flame painter - the results are beautiful (and I've even saved mine as my desktop wallpaper)!

6. A handy tool for any self-taught guitarist (like me). Heck, it even seems to write my songs for me.

7. See how well you know your movies: guess the name of the movie with only three images as clues, before time runs out.

8. How well do you know your geography? Remember, the only clues are what you can see...

9. Here's a mind-boggling representation of the solar system in pixels - and in answer to your question, yes, our solar system really is that empty.

10. I know a lot of you hate snails, but this one seems to have defied all laws of cuteness...

Happy Friday!

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