Friday, 20 March 2015

Funny/Interesting/Awesome (20/3/15)

Getting ready for the weekend? I know I am!

1. Geneva from A Pair and A Spare has this unconventional yet gorgeous DIY backless top to try!

2. For all you perfume addicts out there: this is what your 'amber' perfume is actually made of.

3. I love this image of the moon Prometheus against a backdrop of Saturn's rings - it truly shows a glimpse of the beauty of our solar system.

4. It's a fact that can be hard to swallow at times, but we are far from invulnerable as a species. Will humans last forever?

5. A great read for a slow day, with the usual mix of humour and sarcasm of a Cracked article: 5 bits of "common knowledge" science has disproved (as usual, nsfw).

6. Some helpful hints from College Fashion if you think you dress like you're stuck in a black and white film.

7. As if honey wasn't awesome enough already (especially on toast!), here's why you should incorporate honey into your beauty routine.

8. This is TOO ADORABLE! How to plant succulents in in eggshells (and I bet they would make great gifts - who wouldn't want a tiny plant in an eggshell?!)

9. What a cool idea: throw confetti in some clear balloons for a cheap and easy party decoration!

10. The age old adage: where there is a cat, there will be a box...

Happy Friday!

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