Sunday, 15 March 2015

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag

They say you can tell a woman by the contents of her bag... Whether that's true for me, I don't know. I like to consider myself a low-fuss kind of girl. I usually don't carry makeup with me, as I don't wear much anyway. More often than not, my bag will be stuffed with exercise books and papers, since I'm a full-time student. I used to be one of those people who carried her whole life with her - bandaids, drawing supplies, novels for when I was bored, a jacket in case I got cold, pencil case, extra shoes in case the pair I was wearing somehow broke - but that got a little heavy (and really did my back in) so this year I pared down the contents of my bag to the bare essentials.

I've always been a big fan of minimalism, so I love the look of this bag. It's a smooth black leather tote that I ordered off taobao when I was in China (cheaper shipping, baby). I'm aiming to cut out even more of my items one day - maybe a smaller wallet, or just having a tablet instead of bring a notepad and pens. Anyway, here's what is in my bag:

1. Hair ties: I have chemistry lab twice a week, and anyone who has ever been near a Bunsen burner knows just how quickly hair can catch fire...

2. Earbuds: Morning commute is a boring obligation we must all go through at least once. To make my 45 minute train ride bearable, I listen to some music while I read my notes (or sleep) on the train.

3. Notepad: Any writer's best friend. You can be waiting for the light to turn green when you're suddenly hit with an idea as fleeting and beautiful as a rainbow. I'm always looking for something to scribble on.

4. Sunglasses: Sydney is bright. Very bright. This pair is by Collette Dinnigan, one of my favourite Australian designers. They're so massive that they protect my cheeks as well, which is awesome - my cheeks get sun burnt very quickly.

5. Phone: For the obvious. Also, Candy Crush.

6. Wallet: My wallet holds money for my coffee. That's the only requirement I have of it.

7. Tablet: The most important thing in my bag. I use it to download my lecture notes, catch up on blogs, surf the web, draw - it's super convenient. Also, Candy Crush.

8. Keys: To get in and out of the house. I hate having to break into my own home.

9. Pens: To write with. Also, to have something to click when feeling anxious.

10. Calculator: Most of my classes involve calculus and other nasty things. Calculators are a must if you don't want to badger the person next to you for answers.

What items do you have in your bag?

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  1. I'm so glad you commented on my blog because I really like yours. You're so funny and... like me you got a calculator in your bag. Calculators are so much more useful than any make-up, right?

    Blogloved you, hope we'll stay in touch!
    xo, Anita

    P.S. In my real life I'm in Finance, hence the calculator.