Monday, 13 July 2015

DIY Chain Bracelet

Somewhere at the bottom of my box of spare parts lies a jumble of broken necklaces and bracelets. Their glory days may have passed, but that doesn't mean they won't be useful! This DIY is an easy way to update your look with a little bit of edginess - and who doesn't love a bit of chain in their outfit? Let's get started!

What you'll need:

- Broken chain necklaces/bracelets
- Jump rings
- A large curb chain bracelet or similar
- Pliers (optional)

1. Attach your thickest chain to the clasp of the curb chain bracelet.

2. Connect the other end to the other clasp, and connect in the middle as well. This will form the scaffold for the other chains.

3. Attach your next chains, making sure they are thin enough to fit through the links of the curb chain. 

4. Start weaving your smaller chains around and through the bracelet in random directions. Make sure to wrap them around your first chain to secure it to the bracelet. Attach them to the other end with another jump ring.

5. Add in any smaller chains, weaving over the top and bottom for an even look. You can even leave the ends to dangle. If any parts are loose, secure using jump rings through the chain links.

Your bracelet is finished! I've been wearing this everywhere - I stack it with a couple of other bracelets. Don't you love it when you turn something broken into something new and even better? 

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